A Diamond Heist with a Movie-like Twist

Sonitrol of SW Ohio puts a new kind of ring on retail security

Quick Take:

  • Local Ohio Jewelry store was vandalized by criminals drilling into their ceiling and cutting or bypassing a conventional alarm system
  • Massive loss as the thieves were undetected for over an hour
  • Within 72 hours after the incident, Sonitrol of SW Ohio was able to install their state-of-the-art system with 360 surveillance and floor-to-ceiling-to-wall audio detection
  • The owner has already benefited from the audio enhanced Sonitrol security technology and our Sonitrol of SW Ohio 24/7/365 Central Station monitoring

Jewelry retailers are always potential targets of thieves. The Holiday Season brings increased inventory and attention to retail jewelry locations. One Grinch targeted a local retailer just before Christmas this year.

Sonitrol of SW Ohio received a distressed inquiry from a local jewelry store owner whose store was broken into two nights prior. Territory Sales Manager, Kathleen O’Connor, went to visit with the owner onsite. He walked her through a crime scene and described the movie-like progression that his previous alarm system just wasn’t prepared for. The thieves drilled through the roof and spent time above the ceiling tiles tracing wires to the existing security panel. They had navigated their way to the main panel, cut the wires, disabling the cell module. His former alarm company never even received an alarm. Unfortunately, all he was left with was post-event video surveillance showing that the thieves had full access to his entire inventory for over an hour.

Kathleen was able to explain that Sonitrol verified technology is different than any other security provider. We offer two way to verify alarms with both Impact Audio Sensor and Multi Sensor Cameras. This provides ultimate peace of mind along with the 24/7/365 monitoring of our Central Station. Once a retailer arms their Sonitrol security system, the audio technology gives wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor coverage. Our live, highly-trained operators can hear what is actually happening and instantly alert local law enforcement. The Multi Sensor Camera reacts to both motion and glass breakage and immediately feeds the live recording to our local Central Station.

Immediately impressed and comforted by his potential new security partner, the store owner requested a proposal. Timing, particularly during the busy Holiday Season, was critical. Sonitrol of SW Ohio takes a great deal of care and pride in fast service and exceeding the expectations of every customer. He had been sleeping in the store since the robbery fearful of another incident. Our fast installation allowed him to rest easy…at home…and even gave him time to finish his personal Christmas shopping.

We guarantee our installations with a $15,000 Limited Warranty above insurance coverage and also work with our customers to get the correct information for their insurance providers which often results in various discounts.

“[Our client] was able to go home that night and finish his Christmas Shopping. When I followed up with him last week, he said our audio really does work. It was raining on the first night after the Sonitrol installation and the audio picked up the rain noise from the drilled holes in the ceiling. Our motion sensors also went off. He went to the store and found that some of the tile had fallen from the rain.” – Kathleen O’Connor, Territory Sales Manager

If It’s Not Verified, It’s Simply Guessing – The Audio is the Difference
Sonitrol of SW Ohio‘s verified audio intrusion detection system is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your security arsenal.

Unlike conventional alarms, Sonitrol of SW Ohio‘s verified alarms are sound-based – not motion-based – so when an alarm is triggered, our local monitoring professionals can actually listen-in to determine whether a break-in is in progress, or whether a false alarm has occurred. If it is a break-in, we immediately dispatch police and can relay real-time information to the responding officers. If it is a false alarm, we simply reset the system without bothering you or the police.

Because of this ability to verify alarms, Sonitrol of SW Ohio has the highest apprehension rate and the lowest false alarm rate in the industry. 175,000+ apprehensions and counting.

For retail businesses we can add hold-up alert capabilities that automatically activate a live audio feed in the event of a robbery during business hours.

Benefits of a Sonitrol of SW Ohio verified audio intrusion detection system include:

  • Better protection
  • Early detection
  • Alarm verification
  • More comprehensive coverage across your facility than motion detectors
  • Ability to identify intruders who enter the building unconventionally, unlike perimeter protection systems
  • Critical information for responding law enforcement
  • Higher apprehension rate than conventional security systems

Click here to listen to audio recordings of actual break-ins.

Sonitrol Technology Installed:

  • Flex-IP
  • Cradlepoint
  • 5x Sonitrol Audio Sensors
  • 3x Sonitrol Multi-Sensors
  • 3x 360 Degree Motion Sensors
  • Connected to existing door contacts, safe, and motion detectors

$15,000 Limited Warranty and Insurance Coverage Liaison (Insurance covered cost of system for the jeweler).

For more information about how Sonitrol of SW Ohio can help secure your business, call Alison Shiver at 513.719.4000 x101 ashiver@SonitrolSW.com

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