Why Choose a Multi-Sensor to protect your building? [Download PDF]

A church in Dayton, Ohio was broken into this week and Sonitrol of SW Ohio, along with local law enforcement, was able to apprehend the intruder and prevent damage or theft from the facility.  178,024 documented apprehensions since 1977. Our technology sets us apart. The ability to verify an alarm event in real time gives Sonitrol unrivaled credibility with local law enforcement.

Our 24/7/365 Central Station was able to verify the intrusion immediately with both motion, video and audio sensors and provided real-time coordination with the law enforcement officers on the scene. Watch video and listen in on a real-time apprehension.

Verified video security with the Sonitrol Multi-Sensor allows us to coordinate local law enforcement and our Central Station monitoring to give unparalleled protection to our customers.


If It’s Not Verified, It’s Simply Guessing

Sonitrol’s verified audio & video intrusion detection system is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your security arsenal – and it’s unique in the marketplace.

Unlike conventional alarms, Sonitrol’s verified alarms are sound-based – not motion-based – so when an alarm is triggered, our monitoring professionals can actually listen & watch-in to determine whether a break-in is in progress, or whether a false alarm has occurred. If it is a break-in, we immediately dispatch police and relay real-time information to the responding officers. If it is a false alarm, we simply reset the system without bothering you or the police.

Because of this ability to verify alarms, Sonitrol has the highest apprehension rate and the lowest false alarm rate in the industry.

For retail businesses we can add hold-up alert capabilities that automatically activate a live audio & video feed in the event of a robbery during business hours.

Benefits of a Sonitrol verified audio intrusion detection system include:

  • Better protection
  • Early detection
  • Alarm verification
  • More comprehensive coverage across your facility than motion detectors
  • Ability to identify intruders who enter the building unconventionally, unlike perimeter protection systems
  • Critical information for responding law enforcement
  • Higher apprehension rate than conventional security systems
  • $10,000 Performance Warranty (.pdf) & $15,000 Performace Warranty (.pdf)


Sonitrol can help protect your people and your property

Your organization does tremendous good for the community you serve. A burglary, a fire, even a false accusation could seriously threaten your ability to carry out your mission.

Sonitrol provides integrated security solutions specifically tailored to the needs of faith-based and other non-profit organizations. Using our proprietary technology—verified audio & video detection—our trained professionals can actually hear an intrusion attempt as it occurs. This unique technology actually reduces false alarms and increases apprehension of thieves and vandals.

We offer a complete, integrated program to secure your members, staff, clergy and valuable assets such as computer equipment, cameras and cash. In addition to intrusion alarms, we offer technology to restrict unauthorized access, camera monitoring of vulnerable areas such as childcare rooms, fire detection, and professional monitoring 24/7. Church should be a safe place.

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