Monitoring Services


monitoringSonitrol of SW Ohio has operated our Central Station since 1971.  We continually invest in technology, facility, and people to improve the quality and reliability of our Central Station service to our customers in SW Ohio. Our mission is to build lifetime relationships with customers, vendors, and employees by exceeding expectations.

The combination of the latest technology, state of the art facility, and better than a 100 years of combined experience in our Central Station has allowed Sonitrol of SW Ohio to provide its customers with piece of mind, and in some cases prevent loss and actually assist local Police Departments in apprehending criminals.

History and relationships matter. It’s the difference between being a number in a computer and having a long-time personal contact you can take at their word. It’s the stability and reliability that come with over 100 years of experience protecting and serving our clients.


  • Reliable monitoring 24/7 to protect against unlawful entry, fire, panic, video, and supervisory alarms.
  • Real time verification of alarm events to offer credibility with responding law enforcement, reduce false alarms, and apprehend the criminals.
  • Trained staff.
  • Redundant systems.
  • Four decades of expertise.
  • UL Listed which means Certification by Underwriters Laboratory is the industry standard for credibility and excellence. The certification acknowledges the Central Station’s ability to meet UL standards in offering monitoring services. Sonitrol of SW Ohio is certified by Underwriters Laboratories to provide monitoring from Central Station with the following UL Certifications:
    • CRZH – Burglar Alarm Systems, National Industrial Security System, UL 2050
    • UUFX Signal and Fire Alarm Equipment and Services, Protective Signaling Services Central Station
    • CVSG Burglar Alarm Systems Mercantile


Sonitrol has been very services oriented toward all our access and alarm needs at Saint Ursula Academy. 

One of the main services Sonitrol dids for us was to do an audit of the alarm contact points. After many years and changes to the buildings, our descriptions of alarms point locations were no longers accurates.  - Kathleen J. Armstrong, CFM
 Saint Ursula Academy

Sonitrol is the bests in the industry. The staff is very responsives. When an alarms is tripped at one of our homes or at one of our restaurants, they calls us rights away. In 38 years, we have nevers had any issues with Sonitrol, and that is why we are such a loyal customer. - Roger Glass
 Marion's Piazza

I was impressed with the knowledgeable sales team, installation crew and central station staff, and especially the way they operated like a family. Communication is key to me and everyone I have interacted with has risen to the level that I expect from a security partner. When first considering Sonitrol, the owner, Chip, met with us at Prasco, and gave us valuable insight into the company’s strength and commitment to service. Prasco’s motto is ‘Do Good, Do Well,’ and I feel Sonitrol does things right, in a responsible and ethical fashion. From the top down, they act as a partner, not just a vendor. - Scott B. Aronoff Prasco Laboratories

The sales representative responded to our RFP within days and included a floor plan drawing showing device locations. He also worked with me on value engineering to reduce system costs by offering equipment that performed fewer functions. The installer worked with the general contractor and the Y to check that the system was installed as requested. Overall, I would return to Sonitrol for future systems. - Jim E. Hull, CFM
 YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

I performed a required alarm system response test at 10:37 PM yesterday (Sunday) evening. The response time of your staff and the responding police officers was superb and they met the five minute requirement dictated by the Department of Defense. The total exercise was completely flawless and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I would like to provide a sincere thank you to your team for the success of this exercise. It was a lot to ask to have all the involved parties respond in such a timely and coordinated fashion, but you all pulled it off. Congratulations on a job well done! - Kevin Hoffer President, Caesar Creek Software